Venue – Tour Fort Josef & Wasserschlösschen

Fort Josef – the fort next door

Invisible for the uninitiated, Fort Josef is located between Langenbeckstraße and Czernyweg, abutting the University Medical Centre of Mainz. Within easy walking distance, it takes probably ten minutes (600 m) from Mainz Central Station (western exit) to the fort.

After leaving the building of Mainz Central Station, switch to the other side of the „Binger Straße“ and turn left after passing the „InterCity Hotel“. Now follow the street „Am Linsenberg“ for about 400 meters. Within these 400 meters, you will need to switch to the right side of the street at the first pedestrian light and pass another pedestrian light after 80 meters. Cross the street, where you are going to see a parking island, and walk toward the old wall with the monument and the stone cannon. Pass the monument on the left side and you are going to see the entrance of the fort on your right. This is the starting point for the guided tour through the „Wasserschlösschen“ as well.

From left to right:
At the corner Langenbeckstraße / Am Linsenberg – Entrance of Fort Josef (green arrow) – monumen
(c) Mainzer Unterwelten e.V
Entrance of Fort Josef
(c) Mainzer Unterwelten e.V.
Monument of Fort Josef
(c) Mainzer Unterwelten e.V.

Arriving by car

There are several parking opportunities:

  1. Free parking at „Am Fort Josef“ – follow the street „Am Linsenberg“ which continues as „Langenbeckstraße“, pass the entrance of Fort Josef and turn left. This road is called „Am Fort Josef“. It offers free parking from Monday til Sunday for a duration of 90 minutes by using a parking disc.
  2. Free parking along „Am Linsenberg“ – the parking spaces along „Am Linsenberg“ which are located between trees are free for a duration of 90 minutes by using a parking disc (Monday – Sunday).
  3. Parking along „Czernyweg“ or on the parking island (Czernyweg/ Am Linsenberg) – all parking spaces not located between trees require a parking ticket that can be purchased at a parking machine nearby.

Public transportation

(Point of departure: Mainz Central Station)

Take bus line 9, 62, 63, 67 or 76 of Mainz transport operator MVG and leave the bus at the bus stop „Universitätsmedizin“. Follow the pavement against the direction of travel for 200 meters. The entrance of Fort Josef is located on the left.

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