Private tours to Mainz Underworlds in English, French and Spanish on a date of your choice.

All underworld tours cancelled due to Corona virus

Safety precautions after reopening.

Discover the baroque vaults of Fort Josef’s casemates with their mining and communication galleries and a lot more of mainz underworlds!

Already the celts and then the romans built the first Mainz city wall. It was extended and renewed over the milleniums and centuries, also in the baroque era. From 1710 on a second fortification ring was built, that also comprises the forts we take you to. Used to protect the city of Mainz from foreign attacks, mainly from France, new weapons at the end of the 19th century rendered Mainz fortifications useless. So most were put down on the surface, but  most underground galleries and casemates survived. So, the old underground facilities of Fort Josef like others were converted into air-raid shelters during WW2. You can experience the changing use over time yourself.

The tour highlights the historical evolution of the “Fortress Mainz” over nearly 2000 years . Our presentations include maps, graphic arts, 3D-models and also a variety of historic films not to be seen on TV..

For further details, please don’t hesitate to ask us via E-Mail.

Air temperature inside the fortress is about 14 °C over the year. Unfortunately the facilities are not accessable for people in wheel chairs.

Due to Corona safety requirements a guided tour lasts  45 minutes and has a maximum size of 9 participants. Bigger groups must be split up and may be guided consecutively. All visitors must bring and use their own facemasks.

Languages and pricing (lump sum) for one group of 9 adults


German:        100€ Fort Josef, 100€ Wasserschlösschen, 120€ Fort Philipp

English:         140€ Fort Josef, 140€ Wasserschlösschen, 160€ Fort Philipp

French:          200€ Fort Josef, 200€ Wasserschlösschen, 220€ Fort Philipp

Spanish:        200€ Fort Josef, 200€ Wasserschlösschen, 220€ Fort Philipp

With your own translator, the price is as for german language.

All tours are at your own risk. We and the city of Mainz don’t take any responsibility or liability for any damage to you and your belongings.

Directions to Fort Josef in Mainz, 500m from Mainz Central station: