Guided Tours in English, French and Spanish at a date of your choice.

We will guide you through the casemattes, galleries, underground bunkers and other installations of Fort Josef.

The Mainz Elector 1710-1730 built these facilities as artillery and infantry fortresses. They were used until the end of the 19th century, then the surface buildings were put down. However, most underground galleries and casemattes remained, however buried under building debris. In 1943 (during WW2) the underground facilities of Fort Josef were unburied and used as civil air raid shelters.

The tour includes a 3D-description of the fortress itself and also highlights the historical evolution of the “Fortress Mainz” over nearly 2000 years . Our presentations include maps, graphic arts, 3D-models and also a variety of historic films not to be seen on TV..

For further details, please don’t hesitate to ask us via E-Mail.

Air temperature inside the fortress is about 12 degrees Celsius, relative humidity around 90 percent. Unfortunately the facilities are not accessable for people in wheel chairs.

English Guided Tour:         200€ fixed charges up to 20 visitors; plus 10€ per additional entrant.  (maximum size 40 visitors).

French Guided Tour:        240 € (max. 20 persons)

Tours in Spanish and „candlelight illumination“ (+ 150€) on request.

Mixed tours with german visitors possible. Max. group size up to 40 visitors.

All tours are on your own risk. We and the city of Mainz don’t take any responsibility or liability for any damage to you and your belongings.

Directions to Fort Josef in Mainz, not far from Mainz Central station: